The ‘Common Good’ and Malaysia’s Education System

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Nalla, Zarina. 2011. “The ‘Common Good’ and Malaysia’s Education System”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 2 (3).


This Viewpoint is an attempt to understand the concept of the ‘common good’ and in light of this, assess how the Malaysian school system can best educate young minds to create and serve this ideal. As a concept, the ‘common good’ is often debated among commentators. It would be safe to say, however, that it may be understood in two ways: first, as a state of general welfare which occurs when society attains the greatest good for the greatest number of individuals, not shared equally in an arithmetic sense but according to people’s needs and abilities. The second, and more important, aspect would be the procedural principles, set up by custodians of that society, to best ensure the growth and flourishing of every citizen.


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