Encouragement of Scientific Enquiry in the Noble Qur'an


  • Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia




For our enlightenment and progress, the Muslim ummah today needs to regain the spirit of wonder of the early Muslims whose faith in God (iman) soared under inspiration from the Qur’anic revelation and tutelage of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). With these, Muslims could appreciate God’s Majesty and Omnipotence, and His Mercy and Benevolence in creating the universe with man in the august role as khalifah (vicegerent) and custodian of the earth and the heavens. In one inspiring verse 45:13, God says: “He has subjected to you, as from Him, all that is in the heavens and on earth. Behold! In that are signs indeed for those who reflect.” The imagination of a Muslim scientist reading the Noble Qur’an would thus naturally be stirred by verses where Allah avers to natural phenomena and their benefits, encouraging mankind to investigate more deeply. The Prophet (pbuh) encouraged people to “explore the meanings of the Qur’an and to search for its mysteries”. Islam as a science-friendly religion promotes scientific investigation and technological advancement that contributes to human wellbeing.



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Batchelor, Daud Abdul-Fattah. 2015. “Encouragement of Scientific Enquiry in the Noble Qur’an”. ICR Journal 6 (3):409-12. https://doi.org/10.52282/icr.v6i3.319.




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