Halal Certification Procedures: Some Unresolved Issues

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Tieman, Marco. 2015. “Halal Certification Procedures: Some Unresolved Issues”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 6 (1). https://icrjournal.org/index.php/icr/article/view/472.


There is a higher halal awareness among Muslim consumers, where the product in the supermarket is no longer assumed halal and its halal certificate and country of origin are more and more checked for the acceptance of and trust in new products. New Islamic brands are emerging in Muslim markets that are taking significant market share from conventional big foreign brands in both food and cosmetics. These Islamic brands have been classified by Alserhan as true Islamic brands as these brands are Shariah-compliant, they originate from an Islamic country and their target is the Muslim consumer. Halal scandals over the past years have proven the vulnerability of halal food supply chains and the possibility of a halal issue to escalate into a major crisis for brand owners.



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