Ann Norton, On the Muslim Question

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Mohiuddin, Asif. 2015. “Ann Norton, On the Muslim Question”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 6 (1).


Historically, most Western nations, from the age of enlightenment, established a firm divide between church and state. This chasm engendered a concept that stressed the separation of religious morality from secular law. The assumption that the secularisation of the world is a necessary precondition for the establishment of modern, democratic form of government, has gained a lot of currency among many Western policymakers. Indeed, the need for reform is a necessity in the Muslim context, but the path towards realising it in the form of secularization is a debatable issue. Western history is characterised by the conflict between church and state, and this conflict has no precedent in the Muslim history. The nexus between religion and secular obligations, and a societal consensus is not as prominent in the Muslim context as it is in the Western societies. Ann Norton’s book, “On the Muslim Question” provides deeper political and philosophical insights into the intricate relationship between Muslims and the West. Norton asserts that in the contemporary times the Muslim question is as fundamental as the emancipation of Jews in the context of enlightenment philosophy. Norton organises her work efficiently and manages to weave together the distinct but related topics in 2 parts containing 10 chapters along with an introduction and an index.



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