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Kamali, Mohammad Hashim. 2015. “Editorial”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 6 (2). https://icrjournal.org/index.php/icr/article/view/479.


The Islam and Civilisational Renewal journal is focused on restoring the civilisational potential of Islam and its guidelines in conjunction with contemporary issues. In this April 2015 edition we provide six papers and four viewpoints as well as an interview, event reports and book review. The articles in this edition cover four highly topical civilisational themes – dealing with extremism in Muslim communities; strengthening aspects of Islamic law in Malaysia; responses needed to assist members of the Muslim diaspora living as minority communities to find security and realise a fitting identity; and fourthly, looking into two seminal elements of Islamic civilisation, past and present – Arabic literature and scientific advancement.



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