Globalisation And Muslim Minorities: Integration And Identity Dialectics In The West

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Mohiuddin, Asif. 2015. “Globalisation And Muslim Minorities: Integration And Identity Dialectics In The West”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 6 (2).


In much of the popular literature, globalisation is frequently associated with an increasing economic integration. However, from the perspective of Muslim minorities, globalisation has led to phenomenal changes in the processes of integration and identity construction that have resulted in a flourishing of composite discourses and narratives on integration and identity. This paper explores the issues related to Muslim minorities in the context of globalisation. While examining the issues related to Muslim immigration and integration, it attempts to understand how far the policies of immigration and integration have bolstered insecurity and exclusion within the multicultural societies in the West. Furthermore, this paper analyses the emergence of multiple identities among Muslim minority groups in response to discriminatory policies and practices. Finally, in order to situate the Muslim minorities in an endless pursuit of developing an open, free and diverse political community, the paper focuses on a meaningful dialogue that attempts to promote inclusion within the society.


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