Closed-door Roundtable Discussion on Human Rights and Islam

(Kuala Lumpur, 20 November 2012)


  • Karim Douglas Crow International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia



A closed-door Roundtable exchange was held at IAIS Malaysia on 20 November 2012, presided over by Professor Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali (Founding Chairman & CEO IAIS Malaysia) and Tan Sri Hasmy Agam (Chairman of Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM)). Fifty participants contributed to the frank exchange of views, and the meaningful day-long discussion was moderated by Karim D. Crow (IAIS Malaysia).

This first collaborative effort between IAIS Malaysia and SUHAKAM had the following objectives: to identify pressing domestic human rights issues in Islam; to facilitate critical appreciation of such issues from the Islamic perspective and promote open discussion, analysis and research; and to explore appropriate mechanisms to intensify internal dialogue within Malaysia in a spirit of problem solving and continuing engagement.



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Crow, Karim Douglas. 2013. “Closed-Door Roundtable Discussion on Human Rights and Islam: (Kuala Lumpur, 20 November 2012)”. ICR Journal 4 (2):317.



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