Situation Analysis of the Ongoing Crisis in Myanmar


  • Salvador del Souza Australian University



The intercommunal, sectarian conflict that broke out in Rakhine State in June 2012 has not subsided despite efforts by the Myanmar authorities to contain it. Worse, fresh riots between the Rakhines and the Muslims (however we call them) erupted again in Mrauk U, Minbyar, and Kyauk Phyu in the third week of October resulting in more than two thousand houses burned and thousands of people, mainly from the Muslim community, displaced. A night-time curfew was imposed by the local authorities, and more security forces arrived following an order by Myanmar President Thein Sein. However, the tension has not diminished and further unrest is expected if the authorities cannot contain it. Even if the authorities do contain it, they must do so in a way that will lead to permanent peace and reconciliation between the two communities, not only within Rakhine State but within the whole country.



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