Christian W. Troll - Dialogue and Difference: Clarity in Christian-Muslim Relations


  • Christoph Marcinkowski International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia



It is certainly not easy these days to break a lance for dialogue with the scandal-ridden Catholic Church: ...paedophile ‘predator priests’, seemingly roaming freely through the Western (and developing) world; rampant moral decay among large segments of the Roman Catholic priesthood, while - at the same time - continuous preaching to other cultures and civilisations of the merits of Christian virtues; the alleged beating up of innocent orphan children, sometimes to unconsciousness, by a certain former German bishop who had been accused of lying under oath and invoking the name of God when questioned by legal authorities; the attempts to hush up such crimes; the financial (not to mention moral) bankruptcy of entire dioceses throughout the United States due to the compensation claims running into millions of US dollars by tens of thousands of victims - the list could be continued endlessly...


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Marcinkowski, Christoph. 2010. “Christian W. Troll - Dialogue and Difference: Clarity in Christian-Muslim Relations”. ICR Journal 2 (1):205-7.

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