Islamic Perspectives on Curbing Population Growth to Promote Earth's Sustainability

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Batchelor, Daud Abdul-Fattah. 2019. “Islamic Perspectives on Curbing Population Growth to Promote Earth’s Sustainability”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 10 (1):21-46.


In Muslim countries, rapid population growth is acerbating environmental problems. Therefore, the ummah needs to reduce its population growth to safeguard Earths sustainability. To that end, family planning measures have been successful in reducing population growth in Muslim countries to levels that promote societal well-being with better womens health and healthy, educated children. A review of Islamic perspectives shows that birth control methods had been approved by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) such as birth-spacing intervals and non-permanent contraception. Islamic states have promoted or discouraged family planning according to socio-economic needs. However, research is required to determine ideal national fertility rates to promote stability and environmental protection. Certain Western countries are active in national programmes to curb Muslim population growth. These should be monitored and terminated if they yield unacceptably low fertility levels. Mujtahid scholars need to address the matter urgently to review classical positions to allow a stronger response by the ummah in curbing its population growth.



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