IAIS Malaysia Year Review in 2019


IAIS Malaysia Year Review

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Ramli, Nur Iman. 2020. “IAIS Malaysia Year Review in 2019”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 11 (1):157-61. https://icrjournal.org/index.php/icr/article/view/828.


IAIS Malaysia started the year by hosting an international seminar entitled ‘The Role of Religion in the Quest for Peaceful Co-existence’ on 15 January. This prestigious seminar primarily sought to promote interfaith dialogue between Islam, Judaism and Christianity on peaceful co-existence. Prominent participants included Dr Chandra Muzaffar (President, JUST), Dr Mahmoud Vaezi (Director, Center for Advanced Studies, University of Tehran, Iran), Assoc Prof Dr Sarjit Singh Gill (Dept. of Social and Development Science, Faculty of Human Ecology UPM), Mr Mohd. Azmi Abd. Hamid (President, MAPIM), Dr Imtiyaz Yusuf (ISTAC-IIUM), Rev. Dr Sivin Kit (Director, Center for Religion and Society, Seminar Theoloji Malaysia), and Mr Uthaya Sankar SB (prolific writer and interfaith activist).



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