Gender Discrimination in Pakistan: Causes and Remedies


  • Dr. Ali Muhammad Bhat Dept. of Islamic studies



nequality, Injustice, discrimination, customary compulsions and political inability


Pakistan as a constitutional country emerged on the map of world in 1947 has complicated social structure, based on customary laws instead of divine guidance. The intricate social design in Pakistan has created problem for women in every field of life. She is considered a source of all evils and a burden on the shoulders of Parents and family members. In Pakistani culture she is bearing tremendous challenges of existence particularly in tribal regions of the country. Though in urban areas the divorce rate is high but the situation for women in all tribal regions is nastiest and gruesome in walks of life. An attempt is made to analysis the situation of women in Pakistan and provide some remedies in order to overcome challenges of inequality, injustice and discrimination faced by women.


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