• ISLAM AND CIVILISATIONAL RENEWAL (ICR) offers an international platform for awakening the civilisational potential of the Islamic legacy. Revitalising synergies between Islamic and other civilisations in a spirit of self enrichment through discovery and research may facilitate renewal within Muslim societies and the global human community.
  • ICR explores contemporary dynamics of Islamic experience in legal and religious practice, education and science, economic and financial institutions.
  • We seek viable policy-relevant research yielding pragmatic outcomes informed by the best values and teachings of Islam as well as of other contemporary civilisations.
  • ICR is inter-disciplinary, non-political and non-sectarian. It seeks to contribute to prospects of peace among all nations, and assist the conceptual and societal transformation of Muslims.
  • ICR encourages fresh discourse for self renewal informed by an inclusive tolerant approach to diverse schools of thought and expression of ideas. The intent is to integrate over 1,400 years of Islam’s civilisational resources of diversity, dialogue and coexistence for meaningful exchanges with other world civilisations.
  • ICR promotes as its component principles: 1. tajdid (renewal), 2. islah (improvement and reform), 3. wasatiyyah (moderation), and 4. maqasid al-shari’ah (higher objectives of the shariah).
  • ICR considers plagiarism a serious violation of its objectives and principles.