Solar Energy Can Improve Well-being

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Abdullah, Shahino Mah. 2017. “Solar Energy Can Improve Well-Being”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 8 (1):122–124.


Currently, the world is facing environmental problems. Various human activities, including rapid development, have intensified our contribution to environmental degradation. Although development is necessary, our excessive reliance on conventional resources for development has contributed immensely to environmental damage. For example, our preference for fossil resources has been exacerbated by poor waste management systems. As the world develops, energy becomes precious for the world’s technological advancement. And as technology advances, the well-being of our environment is paramount. This concern has a solution: a paradigm shift from conventional energy resources to renewable energies, such as wind power, hydropower, biomass, biofuel, geothermal technology and, as we will focus on here, solar power.



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