Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism


  • Eric Winkel International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia



It is with great excitement that we welcome the initiative and book publication of Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism. In 2007, spurred by Pope Benedict XVI’s controversial ‘Regensburg lecture’, major figures in Islam and Christianity created A Common Word between Us and You, an initiative which was instrumental in reducing tensions and the sense of clash between the two religions. Now, Fons Vitae has just published the book Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism, which is a platform for much-needed, sustained conversations between Muslims and Buddhists. The body of the book is written by Reza Shah Kazemi. There is also a fascinating essay by Hamza Yusuf. The introductions are provided by the Dalai Lama, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, and Mohammad Hashim Kamali. The latter two were vital participants in the earlier Common Word initiative.


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