‘Education and Values’ presented at the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum [WIEF] (London, 29-31 October 2013)

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Ahmad Badawi, Abdullah. 2014. “‘Education and Values’ Presented at the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum [WIEF] (London, 29-31 October 2013)”. Islam and Civilisational Renewal </Br> ICR Journal 5 (1). https://icrjournal.org/index.php/icr/article/view/394.


The value orientation of educational programmes in our time is often impacted by a number of variables such as science, secularism, globalisation—and how they have marginalised the role of traditional values and ethics. I shall presently elaborate on these and also characterise the Islamic approach to education as well as some challenges it is now facing. I conclude with some remarks on recent educational reforms in Malaysia.

One can readily say that education is more organised, efficient and materially better-equipped now than ever before, but also that there is more social conflict and clash of values within and between societies and cultures. Is it necessary to observe that our era of globalisation has been marked by myriad global crises? There is therefore a crisis of values, and we should revisit the value content of contemporary educational programmes!



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